Clear Lake Recording Studios is offering unpaid recording studio internships to those looking to strengthen their knowledge of studio recording, and work in a professional studio environment.

Specifically, we cater to students who are most interested in the technical and foundational side of sound engineering. We are looking for candidates who above all else, are passionate about engineering, and are willing to work hard for the opportunity to be a part of the sessions that take place at Clear Lake.

Initially, all interns are responsible for studio upkeep and cleanliness. An eye for detail is a must, as we pride Clear Lake as being one of the cleanest and most inviting studios in the area.
Interns prepare the studio for sessions and will help set up microphones.
After a period of time Interns will also sit in and assist on sessions, and occasionally be called to assist on paid sessions. Use of studio downtime can also be earned.
Throughout this time you will receive personalized instruction in operating the studio, running a large format console, mic placement, advanced pro tools operation and studio etiquette.

Applicants must live within a 10 mile radius of North Hollywood.
Applicants must have a basic understanding of recording studio etiquette.
Applicants should have a background in the fundamentals and vocabulary of studio recording.
Applicants must have a willingness to learn, be cooperative, and take instruction well.Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability. Please be honest, we are not necessarily looking for someone who is an expert in everything.

Contact Information
Education or Professional Development
Employment History
Skills and Abilities
Software Experience
Console Experience

Many schools introduce students to a variety of consoles, this does not mean you are an expert on them. Please be honest about your experience, you will have an opportunity to explain in more detail at the bottom of this section.

Describe Your Experience Level For the Following

You may include past experiences, your general understanding of the topic, or a desire to improve in the area.

General Cleaning Experience and/or Relating to Studios and Equipment

Relate any Experience or Knowledge of Handling Oneself in a Professional Recording Studio.

Explain any experience, knowledge, or ideas for utilizing social media platforms in a promotional way.

Describe your speed and familiarity in regard to tracking vocals in a professional setting.


Maximum size 10MB

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