Live Skype Mixing

Have your multitrack session mixed on large format analog console and watch live!

After a consultation on preparing your song for an analog mix down we will setup a time for you to join us via Skype and watch as we mix your song using a combination of analog and digital processing. If you have ever wondered how your music might benefit from a professional mix down with high-end equipment here is your chance!

  • The first step will be a consulting conversation that will focus on where your production currently is and what you may or may not need to do to best prepare it for an analog mix down.
  • Next you will send us the individual tracks, and setup a time for the mix. It could take anywhere from 5-10 hours.
  • As the mix progresses you will have the opportunity to ask about any part of the process you are interested in, and provide direction to mix.
  • Once you have approved the mix we will send you a finished, professionally mixed stereo file of your song!