Check out this cool video Recording Drums at Clear Lake Recording Studios

This is a video documenting Dillon Campbell recording his new album. Dillon’s producer Michael McGregor, put this video together. The engineer is Eric Milos and the drummer is Sandro Feliciasno.


Info about drum mic setup:

We wanted a bit of a retro sound, so Sandro put cloths partly covering the heads of the drums. This dampened a lot of the ring, and made for a really dry dead sound. In terms of modern production aesthetic, this might seem counterproductive, but with the right blend of room mics we were able to get a really dry focused close mic sound, and a fat room to give body and definition to the kit.

Kick in – Audix D6

Kick out – Neumann U47 fet

Snare top – SM 57

Snare bottom – AKG 460

Toms – Sennheiser MD421

High Hat – AKG 451

Overheads – Neumann KM184

Room Medium – Neumann SM2

Room Far – Sony C37A


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