Thinking about Crowdfunding Your Band’s Next Album? We Can Help!

Clear Lake Recording Studios is committed to helping independent artists make their dream record. Over the past couple of years it has become very clear that websites like and can be a fantastic way for bands to fund their albums, while retaining total creative control. We think this is one of the more exciting trends the music industry has seen in a few years, and Clear Lake would like to do what we can to help crowdfunding stick around.

If you are a solo artist or in a band and you are considering the crowd-funded route, please give us a call! We are constantly coming up with great ways to help our clients achieve their crowd funding goals. We can donate studio time to your campaign, we can help you think of great perks to give your fans who contribute, and we can also lend you a kick-ass spot to film your campaign video.

Crowdfunding may never replace the traditional record industry model, and there are upsides and downsides to every path. However, we are eager to support all opportunities musicians have today. Most importantly though, we love music and want artists with an independent spirit to consider Clear Lake a welcome refuge.




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