3 Reasons Recording in a Professional Studio Can Save You Money, Time, & Stress

Just like the art of making music, recording music is also an art – and a science.  If not recorded with the same level of expertise, skill, passion, and creativity as when an artist’s lyrics and chords are first composed, the end result that the world hears will never, ever reflect the musician’s true vision and voice.

Whether you are an independent musician who wants to freshen up your bedroom demos or you’re a major label artist who can make his own Lucille weep between lyrics like B.B. King, capturing your indisputably-unique sound and essence in the recorded form is an undertaking that demands an attention to detail and expertise above and beyond that of a gifted songwriter or talented musician.

No matter what size session you require, securing the services of a world-class major recording studio is truly the only practical and affordable way to get your music ready to share with the world.

Here’s why:

A major recording studio will save you money

Although the initial investment may seem like more than you want to spend today, over the long run, the final product always ends up being less expensive than going to a fly-by-night studio or trying to get your sound just right on your own.  By working with a team of top-notch music recording professionals from the moment you enter an acoustically tuned space and a professionally designed studio no time is wasted.  From the engineer’s end, it’s done right the first time. Should you decide to tweak it, improvise, or change it midstream, you have a talented team manning the controls who can both go with the flow or offer suggestions.  Since not all major recording studios are financially accessible to independent artists on the brink of making it big, it is important to find one that respects and appreciates working with every serious musician ~ from the still-unknown solo artists to the mega rock and pop stars.

A full-service recording studio will save you time

Your most important commodity in your life is your time.  Instead of spending countless sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to record your music on your own, it’s a sound business decision to just hire professionals to take care of that feat for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means you’d rather spend your time writing even more music and leave the recording in the hands of professionals who do it fulltime – 24/7.

An established, state-of-the-art recording studio will save you stress

Some musicians make themselves so stressed out trying to record their own music, that by the time it (finally) gets done, half of the band has quit, no new tunes have been written, or the spark that was once ignited by the songs seems to have gone out. You already spend every minute of each day’s 24 hours writing, creating, practicing, or performing your craft. You talk about music, study it, and often wake up in the middle of the night having dreamt about it. And that’s how it should be.  Don’t make yourself frustrated trying to record it all on your own now.

Choosing to record your music in a professional full-service recording studio filled with top-of-the-line recording gear, a highly-skilled and experienced engineering and production staff, quality instruments, and an inspiring and creative environment (versus recording your latest (or first) magnum opus at some rented house, your  buddy’s basement, or worse – your garage) will not only save you lots of unnecessary expenses, time, and frustration, but also provide you with a phenomenal finished product beyond your expectations.



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