3 Ways to Raise Money to Record in a Real Studio

As a disciplined and passionate musician, you’ve got a lot on your plate; from crafting clever lyrics and composing beautiful music, to practicing, getting gigs, and marketing your band with feature articles and press releases ~ you’ve got a lot to do. In the midst of all the wonderful daily grind of being a full-time musician – steadfastly sits your one main focus: to get your group into a professional recording studio. By accomplishing this, you know your music will reach more people than any performance at the local watering hole could ever hope to do.

While having your music recorded professionally is at the top of your proverbial  “things to do yesterday” list ~ securing the funding and financial support to bring that goal to fruition can be frustrating and challenging. Fortunately, there’s lots of innovative ways today that you can embrace to help you raise the money you need to record not only your latest tune, but also enough songs for a full CD/album.

Here’s a look at 3 ways to raise money today to record in a real studio sooner rather than later:


Crowd Funding Websites

Several innovative websites such as KickstarterSellABandGoFundMe, and IndieGoGo are just a few of the many successful resources for artists looking to raise money for any number of projects. On these sites, you simply explain your project and request support from musical enthusiast. As new and old fans donate money toward you recording studio project, you established level of gifting. For example, for donations of $50, you might gift a copy of your CD (once it has been recorded); for $100, maybe you’ll include their name in the liner notes. In addition, some websites like SellaABand offer revenue shares for initial investors.


Social Media Grassroots Support


Although asking friends and family for donations may be tough, it’s always best to start out creating a network of support from people who already know you and believe in what you are trying to accomplish. Thanks to social media, getting the word out to your family, friends, and fans has never been easier. You can use your twitter accounts, Facebook, and designated websites with specific landing pages to let everyone know you are working toward hiring a professional recording studio and you need their support now more than ever! You can even easily add a “donate” button via PayPal to your website so you can make donating for your followers easy.


Gig Often


There’s no easier way to get exposure and support for your music than going out and playing live shows. As much as you promote on the internet and through friend networks, the best way for you to acquire fans and eventually build financial support is by making yourself heard in the music scene. Building experience and reliability at local venues means playing as many shows as possible to gain recognition. You could even ask for audience donations at live performances, giving you the extra cash to help pay for recording studio sessions.


As stressful as raising funds for recording sessions can seem, nothing can compare to having a quality and professionally produced album to represent, share, and promote your music. Once you’ve done the groundwork and secured the funding, the next step is to select the professional studio. Finding a studio that not only is staffed with experienced, skilled, and innovative technicians and musicians themselves, but also top-of-the-line equipment and instruments is key. If you live in or around Los Angeles, Clear Lake Recording Studios offers all this and more; whether you’re an independent musician or a 20-piece band, Clear Recording Studios can take your music to the next level.


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