Why Come To A Studio With Acoustically Tuned Mains?

No two rooms are the same or have the same acoustics, and that is just as true for a professional recording studio as it is for any music venue or inside your home. That’s why some recording studios are noted for their unique sound that enhances the recording quality, yet, others require a significant amount of engineering, equalization, and dubbing to remove echoes, overpowering low ends, tinny sounds, and a multitude of other flaws. Fortunately, most professional sound studios can benefit from custom-designed mains that work perfectly with the design and layout of a particular recording studio and flawlessly reproduce the sounds coming from the musicians, actors, and others to better enable the studio engineer to create a truly professional recording in a shorter amount of time.

Benefits of Acoustically Tuned Mains

A professional recording studio with acoustically tuned mains have a sweet spot located right where the engineer will hear the sounds to be recorded and instantly know how to make the correct adjustments to ensure a truly professional recording. When you use a studio that has mains specifically designed for it, those mains will work within the studio’s design parameters to ensure the most natural recording environment and eliminate dead spots, echoes, and other sonic disruptions that can make it nearly impossible to make a flawless, professional recording. You only get the most natural and organic sound, can make adjustments either musically or at the sound board, and obtain exactly the sound you want to record in the fewest takes possible.

How Acoustically Tuned Mains Work

When you use a professional recording studio with acoustically tuned mains, the mains have specially designed cabinets, loudspeakers, drivers, monitors, electronics, and management systems that work perfectly with the room’s acoustics to present the best possible sound.

Even at low volume, the mains perfectly will fill the studio with the finest sound reproduction that is balanced and enable you to hear every subtle nuance. You won’t have to deal with overpowering base, midrange, or high frequencies because they all will blend perfectly for exceptional harmonic and phonic sound reproduction. You also won’t encounter any buzz, hiss, or other issues coming from substandard components that can create terrible problems for your sound engineer. You just get pure, balances, phonically perfect sound that enables you to work quickly and efficiently,

Significant Savings With Acoustically Tuned Mains

When your recording studio has mains, you can save a great deal of money in studio time by getting your desired sound right in the shortest time possible. You will be able to hear the actual sounds with no interference from the room design or by poorly designed mains that don’t work well in a particular recording studio space. That means you can make quicker, more accurate adjustments and get the sound down right in fewer takes. The faster you can make adjustments, the sooner you can get your sound right and wrap up your recording session while producing exceptional quality.

The result is a shorter, more accurate, and much more professional recording session that is far more productive and saves you time and, ultimately, money by reducing the amount of hours you need to spend in the studio. You also can accomplish your engineering in a much shorter time and make your recording available to the buying public or send out your demos much faster and for less money. You can’t overestimate the value of acoustically tuned mains in your professional recording studio.


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