Clear Lake Recording Upgrades to Pro Tools 12.4 and HDX

Clear Lake Recording Studios is a high end multi-room facility serving North Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Since our founding in 1987, Clear Lake has always prioritized staying inline with the cutting edge of reliable recording technology. Starting with our investment in the Studer 827, the most technically advanced analog tape machine of its time, to our early adoption of ADAT technology, followed by our employment of the earliest 24 track Pro Tools system, Clear Lake has always made a point to have the most relevant and reliable recording medium available to our clients.

In keeping with this tradition, we have now upgraded our Pro Tools system to version 12.4 powered by the greatly enhanced DSP power of an Avid HDX card. While HDX and version 12 have been available for over a year, it was not until the release of Pro Tools 12.4 that we felt the added features and stability made the upgrade appropriate and reliable. We will also maintain our Pro Tools 10 HD5 system for any clients who prefer to stay in a familiar environment.

With this upgrade, Pro Tools is now working in an entirely 64-bit processing environment. This allows the DAW to utilize the power of our computer to its fullest potential. We can now support sessions with up to 256 voices and have exponentially more processing power for plugins and virtual instruments. Furthermore, by upgrading from Pro Tools version 10 to 12.4, we gain the following features:

  • Creating offline bounces (this means saving massive amounts of time creating stems or bouncing)
  • Freezing tracks or committing tracks to free up processing power
  • Enhanced visual elements such as clip transparency
  • Multiple metering options
  • Click here for a full list of new features in Pro Tools 12.4


In addition to our Pro Tools HDX upgrade, we have upgraded our old Digi 192 interfaces to the new Avid IO interface.

The added clarity and precision of these converters represents a substantial step forward in fidelity and stability.

Read more about the advantages to the new Avid IO interfaces


Lastly, we have made significant improvements to our selection of plugins:

Waves Mercury + Studio Classics Bundle

Plugin Alliance Everything DSP Bundle (Includes SPL, Tube-Tech, and many other high end emulations)

Fab Filter Total Bundle

Sound Toys 5 Everything Bundle

McDSP Emerald HD Bundle

Lexicon PCM Bundle

Altiverb 7

Autotune 8

Melodyne 4

VocALign Project

Slate Digital: Virtual Mix Rack, Console Collection, Tape machine, Buss Compressors, Trigger 2, and FG-X

Avid Pro Series package

Omnisphere 2

Komplete Ultimate 10



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