Check Out This Article From Mix Magazine on Our Use of Adam Monitors

Mix Magazine recently posted an article to their website about our choice of monitoring and why it’s so important!

Below is an excerpt, to read the full article please click the link at the bottom of the quote!


“In a commercial studio, a monitor needs to do it all – be honest, revealing, loud and soft, and still sound good. That’s a tall order and there are monitors out there that do a few of those things really well, but not many that do them all. The S3X’s were the first pair of midfields that did all of that. If your mix isn’t right, you’ll hear it on these speakers; the level of detail is astounding,” he says. “I was honestly skeptical the first time I heard the ADAM’s because I thought they sounded too good! When I started mixing, on them, I realized that my ears did not get fatigued, I could zero in on very minute details with ease, and when I got my mix in place, it translated very well. In a professional studio, you need to have everything because when a client is sitting in the room with you, you don’t have the luxury of waiting until mix down to have an excellent sounding recording.”

– See more at: Mix Online – Why Clear Lake Recording Studios Relies on ADAM Monitors


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