The Importance of Recording Covers for Independent Artists

When you’re running recording studios in Los Angeles, you often get asked by young indie artists about good choices for songs to record.  One answer we often give that surprises people is cover songs.  

Sure, everyone wants to record their own stuff to show off, but cover songs have undeniable widespread appeal and are often a great way of being noticed by a wider audience…  Or even by bands looking for new opening acts to tour with!

So how do you choose the perfect cover songs to record?  We’ve got a few ideas.

Using Cover Songs To Put Your Band Over The Top

1 – Striking While The Trend Is Hot

Has a song hit the top of the charts and shows no sign of going away?  Record a cover ASAP!  You’ll capture at least some of the YouTube and Google traffic searching for it.

It’s even better if you have some sort of gimmick to make your version stand out, since that helps generate viral sharing.  For example, there was a surprisingly awesome cover of Lorde’s Royals which made the Facebook rounds last year… sung by a sad clown.

2 – The Classic Standard

Some classics never die, and there will always be people looking for new versions.  If Lady Gaga can record an entire album of jazz favorites with Tony Bennett, independent artists can pay homage to the greats as well!

Holidays are another great time to do this.  Christmas song covers might seem cheesy, but they always get the clicks.

3 – The Newly-Rediscovered Retro Hit

Remember how Guardians Of The Galaxy made the 70s cool again last year, and suddenly people were grooving to Hooked On A Feeling and O-O-H Child like disco never died?  That would have been a perfect opportunity for independent artists to release covers of those soul classics.

Keeping your finger on the proverbial pop culture pulse can clue you in to songs that are about to come back in a big way.  After all, GOTG even telegraphed its retro-hip soundtrack in the trailers.

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