Clear Lake Artist Profile: Desireé Flores

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Short Bio: My name is Desireé Flores and I am a 23 years old singer, songwriter, model, and aspiring actress from all over the world. I have been singing all of my life but decided to follow my dreams as a recording artist at the age of 19. My music interests and inspirations is a mix of old school sounds and new school.  I recorded my first EP produced by Tommy Brown and wrote with song writers Victoria Monet and Tommy Parker. I recorded a song in my EP “I Want You” featuring Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men. I also competed in Season 14 of American Idol and made it to top 70 (last round of Hollywood Week) out of thousands. My musical influences have been incorporating my Latina culture and old school vibes.

1. What made you want to be a musician for a living?

I love the creativity that goes into making music and the ability to express yourself. It’s hard for me to express myself sometimes, so I put it all in my music. That is what made me want to be a singer/songwriter. It’s an amazing feeling and I have fun doing it.
2. It’s common for musicians to be out of work for long periods of time. How can you supplement this time without work? How can you transition out of this period as quickly as possible?

It’s always great to have another interest to fall back on, but just because you are out of work musically does not mean you can’t continue to create. I would use that time to push harder, challenge myself musically, and always get myself out there and perform and collaborate with other artists any chance that I get.
3. As an independent artist, what have you done to successfully create music that competes with major label big budget artists? What would you have done differently? What advice would you give to other independent artists when budgeting funds?

I simply got myself out there. Sitting around waiting for doors of opportunity to open will not get anyone anywhere. So I auditioned, got signed to a talent agency, made the decision to compete in a talent competition in LA called “IMTA”, and that’s when my music career began to climb. You have to invest in yourself; nothing in this world is free. Luckily, I had support from my family to help me because they know that music is my passion. Learn an instrument, upload videos frequently on YouTube, perform any open mic events, and always have a savings account for your music.
4. How important is the choice studio/engineer when it comes to recording the music that means the most to you?

Choosing the right studio and engineer is in the top 3 most important choices for me. I have had experiences in the past where I have chosen a random studio and the quality of my project was something I could have done BETTER by myself. You have to do your research and, most importantly, you have to feel comfortable. When I am not comfortable or have doubts, then best best never came out. Which is why I love working with Clear Lake Recordings because of how talented, professional, and all round good people I’ve worked with which makes me feel comfortable and I only have to my 100% focus on my music project.
5. How important is image? How has social media played a role in your image and your career? What advice would you give to other independent artists?

I think image is important…but isn’t at the same time. Your image reflects what people see of you as an artist. Many people will have interest in you just by how you look and carry yourself, others will not. Social media is so important in this day in age ESPECIALLY if you are a musician. You really have to think carefully about what kind of image you want to put out there and why. For example, I have established somewhat of a clean image because I want to inspire the youth in a positive way. Always be true to yourself though.
6. How do you go about making connections? What is the importance of the connections you make? How do you utilize them?

Making connections really requires reaching out to the right people and also blessings. When you make connections with the right people, opportunities will open. Sometimes though, just you have to start small. Connections can happen by simply reaching out to another artist or producer about working together and it always helps to always be nice and positive. Everyone always love working with positive people and you never know if that person you are working with knows people that they can refer you to help with your career. By keeping in contact with them, you are utilizing your connections and possibly making genuine friendships with them.


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