Why our Vintage Trident 80b Console Matters to You

Trident Studios was a legendary British recording facility that hosted a number of iconic musical artists such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Frank Zappa. When the engineers at Trident couldn’t find equipment to meet their exacting specifications, they decided to build it themselves.

The result was such a hit that it led to the creation of Trident Audio Developments, or TRIAD. With that pedigree, it’s no wonder that the Trident 80b vintage console became one of the most eagerly sought-after pieces of recording equipment.

The Birth of the Trident 80b

In 1970 the original A-Range was rolled out, followed three years later by the scaled-down B-Range. Studio owners requested a line with the same high-quality features that were a Trident trademark but at a lower price point.

TRIAD responded in 1980 with the Series 80, which became their most popular console. Finally, the Series 80b came along in 1983.

What Makes the Trident 80b Different?

The Series 80b is a classic split-design vintage console using a standard configuration of 32 x 24 x 24 with five auxiliary ports per channel.

What really sets the Series 80b apart is the signature sound thanks to its sophisticated mic preamp and equalizer design. In fact, the sound was so distinct that the mic pre/EQs were later made available as a stand-alone channel strip as a rack mount.

Clear Lake: Top Quality at Affordable Rates

Why make do with only part of the Series 80b when we Clear Lake Recording Studios has the real deal? Our Series 80b vintage console is so unique that it comes in a sleek black finish instead of the blonde finish found on most units.

In the true spirit of Trident, our goal is to make great equipment and facilities accessible to independent artists. Contact us to learn more.

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