How A Pro Studio Can Benefit Your Home Studio Productions

Thanks to today’s sophisticated sound recording equipment and software, it’s practical and inexpensive for independent artists to produce music in home studios. You have the facilities all to yourself, without the pressure of being “on the clock.”

But recording at home doesn’t mean you’re limited to whatever you can afford to have on hand. Many artists have achieved incredible results by supplementing their in-home work with sessions at a professional studio.

What benefits can you enjoy utilizing a pro studio?

Wide Variety of Equipment

When you furnish a home studio, you’re restricted by available budget and space. In most cases, you end up choosing a few pieces of equipment with the broadest applications.

On the other hand, pro studios host musicians from all genres of music, so they’re stocked with many different amps, mics, instruments and other equipment to accommodate every style. This is your chance to experiment and find just the sound you’re looking for.

Tracking Intricate Sounds

Drum kits are actually an assembly of several distinct instruments, so recording them can be an involved process. Strings rely on the proper acoustic environment to bring out their full sound.

Tracking drums and strings at a home studio can be a challenge, but pro studios are designed to provide the optimum conditions for capturing the complexities of these vital instruments.

Production Expertise

Experience is the best teacher, but as an independent artist you can’t always afford the luxury of trial and error. Pro studios include the resources of a production team that can offer as much or as little help as you need to achieve your vision.

Why not take advantage of the best of both worlds? Flesh out your songs and arrangements and produce in your home studio, then head to a pro studio to record the major parts and add the final polish to your project.

Clear Lake Recording Studios offer quality equipment and a creative environment at affordable prices. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about why we’re the full-service solution for independent artists.

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