What Makes Our Yamaha C7 Grand a Great Recording Piano?

Pop, rock, jazz and classical are distinctly different musical styles, but there’s an element that unites them. The piano is versatile enough to add a unique element to each, and when it comes to recording, the Yamaha C7 helps you achieve whatever sound you’re looking for.

Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos

When it comes to recording, grand pianos are preferable to upright pianos. The larger size of grand pianos accommodates longer strings that vibrate more accurately, resulting in a fuller, richer sound.

In addition, grand pianos have a double escapement action that allows notes to be quickly repeated. This feature allows for more nuanced playing than is possible on upright pianos.

Features of the C7

Yamaha is the gold standard of musical instruments, and their experience making pianos dates back more than a century. The Yamaha C Series of grand pianos is known around the world for its “distinct and beloved character,” culminating with the classic C7.

Thanks to its power and pure tones, musicians frequently ask for the C7 by name. Satisfied users cite its warm, diffuse sound, perfectly pitched bass and range of expression. The superior craftsmanship of Yamaha ensures that the C7 will maintain its superior performance over years of use in the recording studio. 

The Clear Lake Difference

The C7 is just one part of the wide selection of top-quality instruments and equipment available at Clear Lake Recording Studios. Contact us to find out why independent artists come to Clear Lake for a professional recording experience at affordable prices.

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