Our Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie 122

At one time, the organ was known principally as an instrument used in churches. Over time, the electric organ has become a vital element of a wide range of musical styles, from jazz and rhythm and blues to rock and reggae.

Due to their popularity, electric organs are usually found only in recording studios that charge premium rates. Studio A at Clear Lake is home to an incomparable Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 122 speaker at an extremely affordable price point.

History of the Hammond B3

The Hammond brand is one of the most respected names in the music industry. Legendary musicians including Jimmy Smith, Booker T. Jones and Al Kooper did some of their best work using Hammond organs.

In 1935, in partnership with John M. Hanert, engineer Laurens Hammond created the electric organ that bears his name. The B3, with the additional of the Harmonic Percussion feature, was introduced in 1954.

Key to the Hammond B3 sound is the tonewheel, which is a magnetic disc that spins near an electromagnet. The tonewheel triggers an electromagnetic signal with a specific frequency and wave form. Keys and switches on the B3 allow the musician to create combinations of signals for a virtually endless variety of different sounds.

The B3 also features a set of drawbars, which serve much the same purpose as stops on a pipe organ. Drawbars function like faders on an audio mixing board, with volume increasing as the drawbar is pulled out and decreasing as it’s pushed back in.

Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 122: A Magical Pairing

While the Leslie 122 speaker didn’t technically begin as a Hammond product, it so perfectly complements the B3 that one is rarely thought of without the other. In fact, Leslie speakers were designed to mimic the complex tones and shifting sounds of a pipe organ.

The 122 is the most popular model of the Leslie series of speakers. Its signature sound is the result of rotating the speaker, creating a Doppler effect where pitch and volume change as the sound grows nearer to or further away from the listener.

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