What is Playlisting and How Do I Get on Playlists?

As an independent artist, you’re always looking for ways to expand the reach of your product. Thanks to the power of digital airwaves, playlisting can grow your audience exponentially in a relatively short amount of time. Make playlisting a part of your marketing plan with these helpful tips.

What Is Playlisting?

If you’ve ever put together a group of songs to power through a workout, you’re already familiar with playlisting. In terms of the commercial marketplace, online platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify curate many different playlists based on genre, mood, music style and other defining elements.

While the major sites have in-house playlists, there is an ever-growing number of independent influencers who maintain their own playlists. Spotify has a sizable network of independent playlists, and they can also be found on aggregate sites such as 8tracks and Soundsgood.

How to Get on Playlists

Combined totals of Spotify and Apple Music subscribers exceed 160 million. According to Fast Company, upwards of 8,000 artists have had more than half of their listening through a single playlist, Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

So how can you leverage playlists to promote your own music?

1. Work with a Distributor

Distributors are particularly helpful if you’re a streaming newbie. They have established relationships with major streaming services along with experience in the most efficient methods.

2. Create a Spotify for Artists Account

  • Becoming verified on Spotify provides you with access to analytical data and notifications when your songs are added to playlists.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date with information about current releases and appearances.
  • Create your own playlists to gain followers and show your musical tastes.
  • Use your account to submit new releases directly to Spotify.

3. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Robust social media activity and engagement with followers demonstrates a proactive approach to marketing that attracts playlist curators. 

4. Pitch Independent Playlist Curators

Avoid generic email pitches when targeting independent playlist owners. Contact them personally through their Facebook pages or other channels and establish a connection before offering your songs.

5. Diversify

Spotify is the industry giant, but it’s not the only game in town. Strategically target a range of both sources and playlists that will showcase your music.

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