5 Tips to Get Your Music Played on Radio Stations

While Pandora, Spotify and other streaming sources seem to rule the music industry, radio refuses to die. According to marketing research giant Nielsen, radio reaches 92 percent of U.S. adults weekly, placing it at the top of all platforms measured.

Radio airplay is still one of the more efficient ways of reaching a large and diverse audience on a regular basis. Make radio part of your independent promotion strategy with these helpful tips.

1. Build Your Resume

Competition for radio airplay remains fierce, so you can’t go in cold. Songs tend to break out on streaming services first, so build a foundation by getting your music on playlists where you can start developing an audience. Don’t forget to leverage your social media presence, which is a vital element of promotion today.

2. Fine-Tune Your Focus

Terrestrial radio stations are broadly categorized as non-commercial (or non-comm) and commercial. Non-comm radio, such as college and small community stations, aren’t dependent on advertising income so they have more freedom in what they play. R.E.M., U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are just a few of the successful acts that received a huge initial boost on non-comm radio.

3. Submit CDs, Tapes or Records

There was a time when radio stations were literally flooded with physical copies of songs from artists hoping for airplay. Now that digital is king, this old-school approach is actually a great way to set you apart from the crowd. Vinyl earns you extra points.

4. Create a Press Kit

Your product will be the deciding factor, but a press kit including an introductory biography and fact sheet about your music helps to personalize you. A press kit is also a sign of professionalism, which can boost your cred in terms of knowledge about the industry.

5. Broaden Your Horizons

Technology has done much to shrink the globe and tear down geographic boundaries. Your home market should certainly be an integral part of your promotion strategy, but be open to other opportunities, both domestic and international.

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