Clear Lake and Fever Recording Studios Covid-19 Reopening Guidelines

As we approach the reopening of our studios, the safety and well-being of our clients and staff are our top priority.

Below is our complete list of Reopening Guidelines and Protocols to assure our clients they are returning to a safe and clean environment.

Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting Before Sessions:

  1. The Studios
    1. All Surfaces cleaned
    2. Console disinfected with wipes and infrared
    3. Microphones, Headphones, and Pop Filters wiped down.
    4. Keyboards, Mice, and all peripherals wiped down
    5. Door handles and railings disinfected
  2. Common Areas
    1. All surfaces and counters cleaned
    2. Door handles and faucets cleaned
    3. All Bathroom fixtures cleaned
    4. Wipes available for all clients for any surface before and after use

Other Safety Measures

  1. Sign-in sheet posted at entrance
  2. Hand sanitizer and face masks at entrance for client use
  3. Gloves available for use throughout studio
  4. Signs are posted throughout facility as a reminder
  5. Hepa HVAC filters replaced frequently
  6. Single use cups, plates, and utensils available for all clients

Employee Training

  1. All employees will undergo extensive training on proper disinfection techniques
  2. All employees required to wear masks and undergo screening before every session
  3. Dedicated sanitation team assigned to meticulously disinfect every area of the studio before each session
  4. Temperature taking and daily evaluations on employee health before sessions

Social Distancing Measures

  1. Each studio limited to the number of clients that can comfortably stay 6 ft. apart.
    1. Studio A – 5 people total including engineer and staff
    2. Studio B – 3 people total including staff
    3. Fever Studio – 5 people total including staff
  2. All common areas have limited seating to adhere to guidelines
  3. Strict instructions to staff to shut down, or deny any session or client who refuses to adhere to our distancing guidelines
  4. Staff will not handle client food beyond handing the closed container or bag after delivery.
  5. All clients and visitors are required to follow city guidance on mask protocol.

Screening Protocols to keep our clients and staff safe

  1. All clients and staff must sign in for each session and confirm the following:
    1. They have not come in contact with anyone who is sick in last two weeks
    2. They have not recently traveled
    3. Their temperature is less than 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Sign in sheet will be visible to all session participants.
    1. Disinfected pens will be available to everyone who signs in.
  3. Temperature will be taken by staff with a contactless forehead thermometer.