A Guide to Branding for Independent Artists

When you hear names like Coca-Cola, Disney and Apple, you make an instant association. That’s the power of branding, which is a promotion strategy that lets consumers know what to expect from a product.

Branding is also important for independent artists as a way to set themselves apart from the competition. Use these expert tips to let listeners know you’re one of a kind.

“Start With Why”

In his book Start With Why, world-renowned motivational speaker Simon Sinek asserts that companies should reverse the conventional marketing model. Instead of communicating what you do, lead with why you do it. Let this principle inform your own branding.

Do Your Homework

Study artists you personally admire. What makes them stand out? This doesn’t mean you should simply copy what they do. Use their actions as a roadmap to guide and inspire you.

Identify What Makes You Unique

If you could be known for one special feature, what would it be? In the language of promotion, this is known as your unique selling proposition. Think about style, sound, message or anything else that would tilt the scales in your favor.

Write a Compelling Biography

People rarely relate to others who are stand-offish and aloof. Demonstrate your accessibility by sharing your life story and letting fans see the people and incidents that shaped who you are today.

Be True to Yourself

Independent artists sometimes shy away from branding because they mistake it for “selling out.” The truth is that authenticity is essential for successful branding. If you act in a way that’s inconsistent with your true nature, the dissonance will become evident and you’ll be branded as a phony.

Engage Your Audience

Social media makes it possible to connect with audiences at a level never before available. Leverage your platforms to create a bond with fans through regular interaction. Ideas include hosting a live Q&A, writing a blog, conducting a contest and sharing content from followers.

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