Time to Hit the Road? 5 Tips for Touring on a Budget

Touring is more than just a means of promotion for an independent artist. It’s a chance to do what you love while connecting with the energy and enthusiasm of a live audience.

While you might not expect to make a lot of money on your early tours, you don’t want to go in the hole. Use these tips to plan a successful tour without breaking the bank.

  1. Invest in a Quality Vehicle
    Saving money on a cheap touring vehicle is the definition of penny wise, pound foolish. You’re likely to end up spending far more than you save on repairs. Even worse, a serious breakdown could cause you to miss gigs. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to look pretty. Just make sure you have the vehicle checked out by a mechanic to make sure it’ll get you where you want to go.
  2. Plan Your Routes
    Routing involves more than just going from Point A to Point B. Consider your overall itinerary and determine the most efficient routes that take the least amount of time with little or no backtracking. Fortunately, today you have the advantage of GPS that allows for more precise calculations.
  3. Avoid Restaurants
    Of course you have to eat, but meals are empty expenses with nothing to show for them except a full belly. Even fast food can get expensive based on the number of people, so avoid eating out whenever possible. Brown-bag it by bringing your own groceries along with a small cooler where you can store items like deli meats and cheeses. Have any family or friends along the way? They’ll be happy to let you use their kitchen.
  4. DIY Merchandise
    No matter how much fun you have performing, don’t forget that promotion is the name of the game. Selling tour merchandise is one of the more effective ways to keep your name in front of the public and expand your reach. Check out websites like Merchly that let you create your own merchandise at budget-friendly prices.
  5. Stay Productive
    All-night partying plus aimless days can equal a drain on your wallet. Plan some structure into your day to stay engaged and productive. Most cities have a number of free activities and cultural opportunities available.

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