Best Indie Splice Packs

Best Indie Splice Packs

Splice has revolutionized producers’ access to high-quality samples, making your new favorite sound just one click away. However, with hundreds of thousands of sounds in the Splice arsenal, it can be tough to know where to start. We have you covered! Check out our top picks for indie Splice packs below. 


5. nicopop: sounds of summer vol. 1


Los-Angeles based producer Nicolas DiPietrantonio offers a meticulously crafted set of indie dance-pop sounds, ranging from punchy stomps to light, mix-ready claps. The vocals in this pack are perfect for sprinkling into the stereo field to add ear candy in sparse productions, or as tonal beds for choruses. The keys offer great starting points for that summery, poolside feel. 


4. Memory Palace: Bedroom Pop


This well-rounded pack, put together by multi-instrumentalist Ben Bromley, features nostalgic guitars, homemade percussion samples, and a range of ethereal Serum presets geared toward the modern bedroom producer. A unique combination of synthwave, indie rock, and lo-fi influences, the pack draws on inspiration from artists such as Tycho and My Bloody Valentine. Notably, the ambient, hazy melodic loops in this pack are super evocative and give songwriters plenty of room to explore. 


3. That Sound


While technically a label rather than an individual pack, That Sound offers best-in-class human drum one-shots and loops. Trusted by everyone from Justin Stanley (Prince, Eric Clapton) to Ned Cameron (Lil Wayne, Migos), these libraries are composed predominantly of live performances and retain a beautiful dynamic range that will add a human spark to your percussion. Highlights include Boots + Claps, Mammoth, and Indie Aesthetic


2. Organic Electronics by J. Views


A twice Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, J. Views’ pack contains creative foley and organic textures perfect for a wide range of indie music. From snares made from cabbage to stomps made from ice, these sounds will introduce natural, fresh elements into your recordings. The textures in this pack are frequented by Illenium and SaidTheSky, who chop them up and use pieces of them as percussive elements to fill space in the mix. The companion packs, Organic Electronics 2 and 3, are also worth a deep dive. 


1. Travis Barker Drum Kit


If you want punchy drums from one of the best drummers on the planet, look no further. This kit, which comes straight from the drumsticks of world-renowned drummer Travis Barker from Blink-182, is filled with cracking snares, thick rock kicks, and thunderous crashes. This pack especially shines when it comes to fills. Boasting 38 of them, they are sure to liven up any transitions in your drums and give your track a professional edge.


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