Best Trap Splice Packs

 Best Trap Splice Packs


Over the last five years, trap-infused production has become ubiquitous in studios of all sizes. Pounding 808s and flittering hi-hat loops reverberate from bedroom studios to powerhouse main monitors and everywhere in between. If you need to upgrade or update your trap sample library, these Splice packs are an excellent start. Check out our top five picks below! 


  1. UZ – Real Trap Samples


Megastar DJ and cultural influencer UZ offers one of the best trap packs in the Splice catalog. The pack is full of diabolical synth atmospheres, searing basses, and larger-than-life 808s. The snare rolls in this pack are particularly useful if you’re looking to save time: simply drag and drop one at the end of your phrase to get a crispy transition (cue cymbal crash on the downbeat). This pack is a great place to start for foundational trap sounds, with plenty of obnoxious kicks and snares to bring a smile to your face as you turn them up.  


  1. SOPHIE Samples


Another pioneer in trap and pop was the late SOPHIE, who passed away in January 2021. Her production credits speak for themselves, including Charlie XCX, Madonna, Cashmere Cat, Vince Staples, and a range of other talented artists. Known for her “hyper-kinetic” take on pop and trap music, SOPHIE has crafted a pack that delivers metallic synth glitches, massive subs, creepy textures, and some of the most innovative percussion one-shots we’ve ever heard. Take a listen for yourself above. 


  1. Naderi’s Secret Sauxe


Sydney-based producer Naderi has amassed quite a track record, engineering and remixing for the likes of Flume, Skrillex, Trippie Redd, and The Killers. In his “Secret Sauxe” pack, Naderi has included inspirational synth arpeggios and quick, echoing vocal phrases that serve as outstanding ear candy when combined with panning automation. The closed hi-hats in this pack are all processed in a way that makes them smack harder than the hats in your average trap pack. This is a go-to selection for sprinkling unique trap flavors on top of your track.  


  1. umru: sound cache


umru’s “sound cache” presents some of the hardest-hitting drum samples on the Splice market. Scrolling down the samples, each percussion hit somehow seems to hit you in the chest more than the last. The Estonian-American producer, well-known for his remix of Lido’s “Citi Bike”, has gifted the Splice community with his mix of knocking kicks and disrespectful snares, which are familiar enough to hook listeners but also different enough to maintain their interest. This pack is a great place to start if you are looking for the backbone of your trap drums.  


  1. KRANE Samples


With seven volumes in total, KRANE’s sample packs display versatility and thoughtfulness that will leave any producer satisfied. The cracking snares are the highlight – they sound fantastic and will make your drops punchier while giving them edginess and attitude. They also function well when layered on the twos and fours. Aside from the snares, these packs boast a range of crafty percussion loops, huge bass one-shots, and rich, emotion-infused arpeggios that will leave you downloading volume after volume. 


We hope you enjoyed this list, but why pigeonhole yourself into one genre? Check out our top five indie Splice packs here.


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