Experience Clear Lake Recording Studios

Exceptional Value.

  • No other studio in Los Angeles can provide a better sounding record for less.
  • We try to work with all recording budgets, and know how to best utilize your time in the studio.

A uniquely creative and professional environment.

  • Clear Lake Recording has been designed with the clients comfort in mind.
  • The control room is spacious and comfortable.
  • We have a full kitchen and lounge for relaxation.

Industry Standard Equipment.

  • Our equipment is on par with studios Five times the price.
  • We meticulously maintain our vintage equipment to insure everything works when it needs to.
  • We are always updating, and evolving our equipment based on the demands of modern production.

A Team of professionals dedicated to making your record a reality.

  • We will work tirelessly to make your record sound exactly the way you want it.
  • We have worked on all styles of music, and are prepared for anything you throw our way.
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