10 Reasons Why Dolby Atmos is the Future of Music Listening – Clear Lake Recording is Here to Help

By |October 3rd, 2023|

Spatial Audio Revolution: With tech giants like Apple introducing spatial audio to their platforms, the demand and attention for immersive listening experiences are rapidly increasing. Dolby Atmos' spatial audio capabilities offer listeners a transformative and enveloping sonic landscape. Binaural Mixes on Headphones: Dolby Atmos allows [...]

The 10 Key Factors for Deciding the Best Recording Studio in Los Angeles

By |September 23rd, 2023|

When deciding on a recording studio, customers typically consider several key factors to ensure they get the best possible experience and results. You will find Clear Lake and Fever Recording Studios in Los Angeles go above and beyond these considerations: Audio Quality: Customers want the best sound quality possible. They [...]

“Music Is Organized Sound”: The Job of an Audio Engineer

By |July 5th, 2022|

"Music Is Organized Sound": The Job of an Audio Engineer Merriam-Webster defines an engineer as, "a person who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance." In the case of an audio engineer, art and skill are certainly involved in equal measure. What exactly is the job of an [...]

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