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Studio A

  • Clear Lake Recording Studios Best Recording Studio Los Angeles
  • Most Affordable Los Angeles Recording Studio with piano and other instruments.
  • A top-rated recording studio in Los Angeles equipped with a mixing desk and other professional equipment.
  • A recording studio in Los Angeles with a piano and other instruments.
  • Most Affordable Los Angeles Recording Studio
  • The most affordable Los Angeles recording studio with a lot of equipment.
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Highlighted Features

Studio A at Clear Lake embodies the pinnacle of a world-class Los Angeles recording studio and represents the best tracking room Clear Lake Recording offers. Whether tracking any size ensemble, mixing in a spacious yet accurate control room, or providing the perfect blending of modern and vintage equipment, Clear Lake Studio A will deliver.

    1. Versatile Live Room Dynamics: Craft massive drum sounds with the perfect amount of reverberant decay that adds size and depth while avoiding the muddiness common in many large studios. Additionally, our variety of gobos and adjustable acoustic tools allow us to capture a soulful vocal’s purity and subtle nuances impeccably.

    2. The Classic Trident 80b Console: Elevate your sound with an iconic analog recording console developed in the late 70s by the legendary Trident studios in the UK. Clear Lake’s Trident 80b will compliment every signal coming from our expansive microphone and outboard gear collection.

    3. Adaptable Accommodations: Studio A is your perfect recording haven, from solo virtuosos and poetic singer/songwriters to powerful rock bands and elegant string ensembles.

    4. Acoustical Mastery: Our control room boasts a legendary acoustician George Augsperger design that uniquely allows for a very large control room while retaining a prominent and accurate listening position that translates perfectly to the real world.

    5. Uncompromised Sound Clarity: Experience your authentic sound in Clear Lake that will resonate with perfection and translate regardless of where it’s played.



When choosing a recording studio for your project, it is essential to note the equipment that will be available to you. At Clear Lake, all of our gear and instruments are included in the rate. All of our equipment was selected to help produce the highest quality recording and offer the flexibility to achieve a variety of different sounds. No other studio in North Hollywood or Los Angeles can provide the level of equipment we have at the rates we offer.

  • Yamaha NS10M
  • Bryston Amps
  • Hearback Headphone System
  • 2x AKG C414 EB
  • 2x AKG 451 EB
  • AKG 460 B
  • AKG D112
  • Scope Labs Periscope
  • Custom NS10 Subkick
  • AEA KU5a
  • Altec 633 Salt Shaker Mic
  • Audix D6
  • Audix I5
  • 2x Beyerdynamic M-160
  • Beyerdynamic M-201
  • Royer 121
  • 3x Sennheiser421
  • Shure SM7
  • 6x Shure SM57
  • 4x Shure SM58

***Subject to Availability and rental fee

  • Avalon 737sp
  • 4x BAE 1073
  • 2x Neve 1073
  • 8 Channel HV-3D/8 – By Request
  • Tube-Tech MP 1A
  • Manley Massive Passive – By Request
  • 3x Pultec EQP-1A
  • 2x Pultec MEQ-5
  • Tube-Tech ME-1A
  • Tube-Tech PE-1B
  • ADR Vocal Stressor
  • 3x Urei 1176 LN
  • 2x EL Distressors w/ Brit Mod
  • Universal Audio LA2A
  • Tube-Tech CL1B
  • Stamchild 670 – Fairchild Clone
  • Allen Smart C2 SSL Buss Compressor
  • ADR Vocal Stressor
  • Daking Fet II
  • 2x DBX 160 X
  • Spectra Sonics 610
  • Valley People Gain Brain
  • Valley People Keypex II
  • 2x Urei 7110
  • Studer A827 24 track 2″
  • Otari MTR-12 2 track 1/2″
  • Denon Cassette Deck
  • Waves Mercury + Studio Classics Bundle
  • McDSP Emerald Bundle DSP
  • Plugin Alliance Everything Bundle
  • Fab Filter Complete Bundle
  • Autotune Unlimited
  • Melodyne 5 Studio
  • Soothe 2
  • Vocalign Ultra
  • Izotope Music Production Bundle
  • Altiverb 7
  • Sound Toys Complete
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
  • Steven Slate Trigger 2 w/ Extensive Samples
  • Slate Digital All Access
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • U-he Diva
  • UAD – Ultimate Bundle IV + Many Others
  • Valhalla Vingate Verb & Shimmer
  • Xfer Records Serum
  • Pro Tools HDX 2021.6 (regularly updated to latest version)
  • 2x Avid IO Interfaces 24 i/0
  • Sync I/O
  • 2019 Mac Pro 16 Core 192 gb of ram
  • All Solid State Drives
  • Yamaha C7e Grand Piano
  • Hammond B3 organ w/ Leslie 122
  • Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver
  • Kawai MP8 Fully weighted digital piano
  • Novation Remote SL
  • ’77 Martin D-35
  • Fender Jazzmaster
  • PRS SE Custom 22
  • Vintage Supra Electric Guitar
  • Vox AC 15
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • Fender Princeton
  • Mesa Boogie Mark V
  • Marshall Jubilee 2525H
  • 1×12 Avatar Cab
  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Carvin X100b Stack
  • Mapex Orion Series
  • Slingerland Radio King
  • Ludwig Superphonic
  • Ludwig Black Beauty
  • Yamaha SD-416 Brass Snare



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